Dr. Holger Engel

Founder & CEO

25+ years in PCR Assay Workflow Development

Ph.D. in Molecular Biology with profound expertise in

System Engineering

  • Senior Management Roles.
  • Commercialized >100 Products, >20 Patents, involved in 15 M&A Projects, successful Exit.
  • 13 Years QIAGEN, R&D in Multiplex PCR Technology & Product Development. Realization of >100 Products in all areas of Multiplex PCR (Endpoint, Real-time) for all types of markets (Academia– VetDx, Forensics, Food Safety, Environmental, In Vitro Diagnostics).
  • 3 Years STAT-Dx, Barcelona. Point-of-Care System Development, Fast PCR based Syndromic Testing – Cartridge based Sample-in Result-out System. Exit to QIAGEN (now QIAstatDx).
  • 2017: Self Employed: Technology & Business Consulting.
  • 2021 -now: Fast & Multiplexed Assay Workflow Development Services at Ambiatec Biosolutions GmbH.