Ultra-Fast and Multiplexed PCR Diagnostics

We intend to provide molecular diagnotics tools to deliver immidiate medical decisions in daily healthcare


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At Ambiatec, we harness the power of innovation to redefine boundaries and expand possibilities. Our work is at the intersection of technology and accessibility, where every advancement brings us closer to a future where critical solutions are within everyone's reach.

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We are pioneering a shift in a crucial industry, developing technologies that promise not only to innovate but to transform. Our commitment is to a tomorrow where efficiency and precision are not just ideals, but realities that enhance everyday lives.

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In everything we do, we uphold the values of openness, trust, and commitment. These principles guide our interactions, fuel our partnerships, and shape the impactful solutions we create. With transparency at our core, we invite you to join a journey built on trust and a shared commitment to excellence.