Ultra-Fast and Multiplexed PCR Diagnostic Assay


Explore our unique Combination of Consultancy and Development Services


Services We Can Help You With

Design & Development Consulting

From assay design and optimization to regulatory compliance and

market strategy, we guide you through to reach your goals.

Fast Assay Workflows

Our specialty are fast PCR and Isothermal detection workflows for novel platforms or devices like microfluidic cartridges.

Verification - IVDR

We support you in transitioning your products to the new regulatory standards of the IVDR - providing expertise and bandwiths.


We are Your Partner for Development of High-End Ultra-Fast and/or Multiplexed PCR (and Isothermal Amplification) Diagnostic Assay Workflows for Infectious Diseases and other Novel Biomarkers.


Building on 25+ Years of Experience in that Market and Technology Segment of PCR and Amplification Assays and Workflows, we offer a unique combination of Consultancy and Lab Based Development Services.


Our Specialty are High-Speed Assay Workflows - Reagents and Protocols from Sample to Result - for Integrated Microfluidic Cartridges, and other Novel Consumables or Instrumentation.

We will take into account the specific Requirements and Needs of your Unique Consumables and Instrumentation and make things work.


Our Values are Openness, Trust and Committment to Achieve Goals.

With our Unique Expertise and Experience we help our Clients to expand their Test Menu of Diagnostic Tests faster and get easier into new Application Fields.

With our Expertise in Regulatory Requirements and Manufacturing, we can also support you in getting Verification Studies planned and executed (e.g for IVDR compliance) and get you into Manufacturing your Reagents.

Our Expertise lies in creating efficient and Streamlined Processes that deliver Rapid and Accurate Diagnostic Outcomes.

Development Services for Ultra-Fast and Multiplexed PCR Diagnostic Assays:

Our experienced team of developers collaborates closely with clients to create customized solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

We understand the importance of speed and efficiency in diagnostic testing, which is why we specialize in ultra-fast PCR assays.

By leveraging multiplexing technology, we enable simultaneous detection of multiple targets, maximizing efficiency and throughput.

With Ambiatec Biosolutions, you can expect high-performance assays that deliver accurate and reliable results in record time.

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